Pre-Pointe Workshops


MAB runs a comprehensive Pre-Pointe Foundation Course for adult dancers.  The course meets one Saturday morning a month over 5 months.  In each group session a series of specific pre-pointe exercises are taught which participants then practice at home.  We also cover aspects of anatomy to enhance understanding of the foot, leg and muscles in pointe-work.


Due to the nature of the course, dancers need to enrol for the entire course, rather than drop in. 

This course is suitable for dancers who:

- have been attending class regulary for at least a year and who would like to be assessed as ready to begin basic pointe work.  Please note that completion of the course does not guarantee that participants will be able to progress to pointe-work immediately. 


- those already on pointe who would like to gain greater knowledge of alignment and strength to enhance training.


- those of all levels, including beginners who, while not yet ready for pointe assessment, wish to gain awareness of the correct muscle groups, alignment, core, and turnout and connect this knowledge to their usual ballet class.


There is not actual pointe-work during this course.  All exercises are done in soft shoes or bare feet.


The 2020 foundation course is currently running and now closed to new registrations.  Please contact us if you are interested in future Pre-Pointe courses.

07871 772 335